Leadership for new and emerging leaders Researcher| Dora Maribe-Moremi

4 Weeks

To help aspiring leaders be at their best as they move into middle to top leadership positions in organisations.


Be a leader who shoots for the north star!!

The course aims to equip aspiring leaders with exceptional and desirable knowledge and skill to become highly productive and successful leaders. It should benefit practitioners who aim to assume leadership roles in their organizations by:

.1. Identifying their leadership style and how to use their skills to inspire others to greater performance. 

.2. Enable course participants to acquire practical strategies in an impactful and sustainable way to become exceptional leaders.

.3. Participants should be able to design the tools that help followers to increase their contribution and impact on their teams. Its interactive nature allows for role plays to actualise leadership practice in an adaptable way that is transferrable and relevant. 

4. Ensures their leadership efficacy influences organisational performance.


  • Leadership development in the 21st Century and global perspective.
  • Social exchange theory
  • Relational Leadership Theory: Exploring the social processes of leadership and organizing
  • Relationship-Based Approach to Leadership: Development of Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Theory
  • Authentic leadership
  • Transformational leadership theory- twenty years since Burns 1978
  • Framework of authentic leadership
  • Does the Transactional-Transformational Leadership Paradigm Transcend Organizational boundaries
  • Situational leadership

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